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The aim of Judo
is to perfect oneself
by systematic training of the mind and body
so that each person works in harmony
with themselves and ultimately with all others.

- Jigoro Kano, founder of Judo

Dakota Budokan


Jiu jitsu  



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Welcome to the Dakota Budokan!
The premier location for Judo, Jujitsu, Submission grappling, Karate and Yoga.

We are dedicated to teaching progressive martial arts with traditional values and culture. Following Judo's principle of mutual welfare and benefit, our goal is to produce martial artists of exceptional skill who are also ready to contribute positively to their community.


Whether you train for fun, for fitness, for personal growth or for competition, we have a program for you!

We offer classes for all ages and experience levels.  We have students ranging in age from 4 yrs-60+.  


Adult Classes:

Following Judo's principle of Mutual welfare and benefit, our adult programs are welcoming and supportive.  The adult class trains hard but with the freedom to train to the level they are comfortable with.  With the support of fellow class mates, we work together to constantly improve one another... What was once difficult may soon become easy.




Youth Classes:

Our kids programs are truly special to us as we are developing not only future martial artists, but most importantly,  members of our own community.  Our youth class involves kids ages 4-13.

Kids classes focus on the art and sport of Judo as well basic self-defense techniques known as Goshin Jutsu.





The Dakota Budokan is proud to announce our new Women’s only Judo and Jujitsu classes for fitness and self-defense!  Get in the best shape of your life while learning valuable self-defense skills.

Judo and Jujitsu are arts that provide smaller individuals the technique and methods to overcome larger, more physically powerful attackers thru skill, physics and leverage



Dakota Budokan is proudly partnered with Shepherd Defense LLC!  If you are interested in concealed carry, firearms permits and training for self-defense, check out the class offerings from our good friends at Shepherd Defense!

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Each year, Dynamic Martial arts of Sioux falls hosts the Sioux falls Open martial arts tournament, inviting all schools, regardless of style, to compete in a host of martial art events.  Gi and no gi Submission grappling, Karate and weapons forms, point sparring and sport jujitsu.  Every year this tournament grows and attracts more schools and competitors.  Dakota Budokan returned as defending team champions the past 2 years and captured our 3rd straight team championship, along with an individual overall title, and our strongest performance to date bringing home gold medals in every division, every skill level and every age range! - Grappling, Karate forms, weapon forms, point sparring and sport jujitsu!

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