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Dakota Budokan comes out on top as 
Sioux falls Open Team Champions
For the 2nd straight year

Each year the Sioux Falls Open Martial arts tournament is held inviting all schools of any martial arts style to participate in a gamut of events: Submission grappling, Empty hand forms, Weapon forms, Point fighting and Sport Ju-jitsu continuous fighting divisions to crown the best overall martial artists and schools.

Schools of different styles came from neighboring cities and states with the Dakota Budokan as the target in their sites, to reclaim the top team trophy the Budokan had upset them for the year before...  After more than 10 hours of competition the Dakota Budokan proved the year before was no fluke and that a new legacy was here

Dakota Budokan
Top Dojo - 2017

Congratulations to all of our students, competitors and training partners who all contributed and performed to their potential capturing gold medals in all divisions we competed in and for taking the Top Dojo Award for 2017 at the Sioux Falls Open!

Dakota Budokan
Sioux Falls Open 2017

Top Dojo - Performance of the Day

Advanced throwing techniques for Judo:
Rolling sleeve throw

Sensei Brad's program at the Sioux Falls Multicultural Center

For the past two years Sensei Brad has taught Judo to kids thru programs at the Sioux Falls Multi-cultural center.  In two short years the program has grown from 7-10 students to reach our current cap of 50 students.

Budokan Judo Demo - Festival of Cultures 2016

Dakota Budokan


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